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Doin' It (B)righton Again (More Slants, A Mod, and A Hippie)

Pablo M 201

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Sheepshead Bay






Beverly Road






Avenue J






" "






" "






" "






And a little extra at Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue




Hope you enjoyed, comments are always welcomed!

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OMG, just when I thought I seen your best shots, I just had to click this thread...I hope if you don't mind if I use the first one as a wallpaper, it's so sick!!!

LOL! Thanks alot man! Trust me, more is yet to come.


And you can sure use that first pic as a desktop background.

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Very cool stuff!


I think in that first photo, they need to trim that little plant before it fries on the 3rd rail!:eek::eek:


Awesome catching the slants. They are starting to look & feel very tired, however their A/C is chilly and strong (thankfully).


- Andy

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Great photos, man, they're really cool, especially those R68s on (Q). The R40's on (:P should retire right now. People along the Brighton line tell me that the R68 and R68A cars running on the (:D are much smoother and faster than the R40 and R40M's on (:).


The R40 cars have outlived their service, and have been around for 40 years. The R40 cars look rusty, dirty, and just too old. Great photos of the R40s as well.


The R40 cars should retire right now, but then again, they do give the (B) a variety look to it. We'll see what happens from here.

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Thanks everyone!


Nice photos!!


BTW: How many R68As did you see on the B?

I saw one R68 and one R68A. I wasn't around much to see the entire line of trains on the (:). The first photo was from 7/29, and the others were from 8/1.


Nice photos!

So it was you railfanning at my staiton. i was supicious when i saw someone taking pics of a R68 (Q)

It was actually me and two others shooting there for abit.
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