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CSX on the Hudson

Fred G

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My luck isn't too hot usually on the River Line, the freight line that runs up the west bank of the Hudson River. Yesterday my luck was much better, up around the Bear Mountain Bridge. See for yoself



Just south of the Bear Mtn Bridge is a causeway at Doodletown Bight.



Same spot, wider angle shot.



South of the causeway is Iona Island, which was a military installation but is now a bald eagle sanctuary.



Iona Island again.





The high wire shot.






I had to slip a black and white in.


Thanks for viewing my photos.

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Awsome pics!!




Wonderful pics


Thank you.




Isn't that that bridge to nowhere (the smaller one?) that used to have a road across?


- Andy


I don't think so, but it may have replaced an earlier roadway bridge. This one looks to be pedestrian-specific and not just a re-fit.


Woah, you have one nice camera man! Took nice pictures with it as well.


Thanks, I'm fortunate to have my camera and thanks for the compliment.

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