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Fire Island Ferries want a fare increase


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A one way, Adult fare between the ferry terminal on "mainland" Long Island and Fire Island is $8, which is already a ripoff considering the short 3 mile ride across the Bay. The companies now say they want the fare to be $10.



I think they have some nerve, and are just using the fuel prices as an excuse to further gouge ferry passengers. Some of the boats are old, noisy, and have alot of pollution.

Plus the jitneys that go back and forth between the LIRR station do nicely as well. Well I think the MTA needs to step in and takeover the ferry operation, and a new division called (MTA)Ferry be created. Could eventually be part of a larger ferry network. MTA should take over the jitney operation as well. Fares would be reduced to $5 one way adult and the jitneys would be free for LIRR passengers. They could use some of the LIB paratransits for the jitneys.

I've cut back on my trips to Fire Island because of the ridiclous ferry fares. This nonsense has to stop.

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