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Car Free Day Long Island - 9/20/13

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I looked; your RTA runs on sundays, meanwhile, with 3 expcetions during the summer, Suffolk Transit doesn't.

Well Suffolk County is different from Nassau, but then again this encompasses all on Long Island.


Point made. What else can I say.

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I'm getting ready for tomorrow's big event for PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION DAY! Tomorrow will be big test to see if it will workout.









Lots of Nassau/Suffolk County schools are going car free.

Yesterday Nassau County Legislator Carrie Solage's Fundraiser in Brooklyn, he didn't know Long Island was doing first Car Free Day and he will take advantage to take NICE routes tomorrow.



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I give this event a 5% succession rate.

Does this include those with out a car already?


Either way good luck, even though I doubt turnout will be huge.

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Here is Long Island Railroad

Car Free Day Long Island Friday, September 20, 2013

sa9x.jpgJoin the thousands of employees across Long Island pledging to leave their cars home on the 1st Annual Car Free Day LI!  

Car Free Day is an international event celebrated every September in which people are encouraged to get around without cars and instead ride a train, bus or bicycle, carpool with others, take the subway, walk or telecommute. Car Free Day is celebrated in over 1,500 cities in 40 countries around the world. This year, Car Free Day will be coming to Long Island on Friday, September 20, 2013!

Car Free Day LI will be celebrated in different ways with the common goal of taking cars off the road. Using cars less by taking advantage of alternative transportation modes will build awareness, reduce traffic, conserve energy, reduce harmful emissions, reduce parking problems and save money! 
To participate in this event, all you have to do is pledge to be car free or car-lite on September 20, 2013 by filling out thepledge form on the Car Free Day LI website.

It’s that simple! Once you pledge, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win great prizes! Already car free? That’s great! And since you’re doing the right thing, you will also have the chance to win prizes when you fill out the pledge form. 

Help us make the launch of Car Free Day on Long Island a great success!



General Service Information

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed, you can check back to this page for service updates and helpful information.


Join NICE for 1st Annual Car Free Day - Long Island

On Friday, September 20th, NICE (along with other major transit organizations on Long Island) will celebrate Car Free Day - Long Island.

Car Free Day is a worldwide movment to promote sustainable transportation. Join us in demonstrating how mass transit can improve our quality of living!

For more information on how you can show your support, please visit carfreedayli.com.














Suffolk County Transit


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Does this include those with out a car already?


Either way good luck, even though I doubt turnout will be huge.


Of course not, people without a car would use public transportation as normal people would.


I've assumed my statistic from someone/group with cars.  Because if this was at least a 75% succession rate, I'd expect the LIE to be empty or minimal at best tomorrow.  Which in most cases, I'd doubt 90% of the time.

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From Car Free Day LI facebook page

As of Sept 14/13 to go car-lite or free:

Congratulations to North Shore-LIJ Health System and CA Technologies, our current Nassau and Suffolk county leaders in the company category of our "bragging rights" contest! Here are the latest standings in that category: 

Nassau County 
1. North Shore-LIJ Health System - 412 pledges
2. Winthrop University Hospital - 38 pledges
3. And tied for 3rd place with 19 pledges each:
- Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates 
- Mercy Hospital 

Suffolk County 
1. CA Technologies - 63 pledges
2. BNL - 55 pledges
3. And tied for 3rd place with 23 pledges each: 
- Northport VA Medical Center 
- Adecco

Edited by FamousNYLover

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North Shore-LIJ Taking Strides to Create Cleaner Air With Car-Free Day September 18, 2013

GREAT NECK, NY – The North Shore-LIJ Health System is continuing its efforts to create a clean environment for patients, visitors and staff by participating in Long Island’s first Car Free Day on Sept.  20. More than 420 health system employees have pledged to go car free or “car lite” on that day. 

The North Shore-LIJ Health System was involved in the planning of Car Free Day Long Island. 

During Car Free Day Long Island, North Shore-LIJ employees work to cut down on air pollution by taking buses, walking, riding their bikes or car pooling to work.

Another step the health system is taking to help keep the environment clean is installing additional bike racks at some of its facilities. The health system already has bike racks at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, LIJ Medical Center in New Hyde Park, Forest Hills HospitalSouthside Hospital in Bay Shore and Glen Cove Hospital; bike racks will be installed before Sept. 20 at Huntington Hospital, theFeinstein Institute for Medical Research in Manhasset and other locations.

North Shore-LIJ will also be adding electric-car-charging stations to 14 of its Long Island, Staten Island and Queens locations in the first quarter of 2014. Stations will be placed at the Center for Advanced Medicine in New Hyde Park and 13 other facilities on Long Island, Staten Island and in Queens. 

“There’s certainly a benefit for us in health care to have electric cars and electric car charging stations because there will be fewer emissions in areas near patients, which will promote better health in and around our facilities,” said Neil Rosen, North Shore-LIJ’s director of sustainable development. 

The installed value of the charging stations is $14,000. North Shore-LIJ will shell out $2,000 and incentives from the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) will cover the rest.

  “This is not just about making our health system greener; it is also about continually improving our health system to be the best corporate citizen it can be,” said Lisa Burch, director of sustainability and social responsibility for the North Shore-LIJ Health System. 




  • Media Contacts:Alexandra Zendrian
    (516) 465-2607

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It was sort of success today.

During my NICE, H-40, SCT in Long Island, it was less traffic during AM Rush Hour when I was on 8:02 n4x Freeport.

I will detail full report.

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I left my Diamond Royal Condo apartment and got on elevator at 6:18, exit condo at 6:19.

First I went to AFR Training Deli by 90th St-Elmhurst Av Station to make 10 copies of Car Free Day LI Trip Logo Sheet with Nacho Twisters snack. Copy is 5 cents per page.


I got on car #2033 on Flushing-bound (7) local train departed 6:32, arrived Junction Blvd at 6:34.

Total time on subway: 2 minutes.


At First Stop Candy Grocery, I bought Newsday.


Next, I got on 6:35 Q72 LaGuardia Airport #641 came ontime at Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Av, left 2 minutes later at 6:48.

It was male bus operator.

Arrived LaGuardia Airport/Central Terminal at 7:05, 2 minutes late from 7:03.

Total time on Bus: 27 minutes.


It look like Port Authority of NY&NJ and MTA has replaced LGA Airport's Bus routes information with more colorful one.

I went to use restroom quickly while I made sure no one was waiting for Q33 bus.

After Q48 and three M60s bus, our Q70 Limited bus came.


I helped Japanese lady.

Next, I got on 7:00 Q70 Limited #4022 suppose to leave at 7:17, departed 8 minutes late at 7:25.

Another male operator.

There was no traffic on Grand Central Parkway and Brooklyn Queens Expressway as bus was exclusive non-stop ride.

Suppose to arrive Roosevelt Av/74th St at 7:29, arrived 5 minutes late at 7:34.

Japanese lady and other stayed for Woodside station.

Total time on Bus: 9 minutes.


At Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av, Forest Hill-bound (R) came first, followed by (F) train. Soon our (E) train came.

Next, I got on rear car #4422 on Jamaica Center-bound (E) departed 7:40, arrived Jamaica Center at 7:56.

Total time on Subway: 16 minutes.


I made rush outside and made it to 8:02 n4x Freeport Express #1639 departed ontime. Female bus operator didn't forget to pickup passengers at corresponding Farmers Blvd stop at 130th Place, then she made all 4x Stops announcements along with audio announcement. Wheelchair ramp and A/C was working perfectly.

When we got to Hook Creek, I saw traffic was less during the rush hour and it look like Car Free Day LI was successful.

When we got to Lynbrook-5 Corners, one African-color like lady boarded n4x, thinking it was local bus and when n4x passed Windswor Av, she didn't realize this was express.

When we got to Baldwin Harbor, there was 8:45 n35 Westbury waiting to cross traffic light.

Some of us exit bus at Merrick Rd/Grand Av, 8:46, 2 minutes late from 8:44.

Total time on NICE: 44 minutes.


Next, we mad made rush to Grand Av/Merrick Rd and got on 8:45 n35 Westbury #1599 departed 8:47, 1 minutes early from 8:48. It was male driver.

At DeMott Av scheduled timespoint, this driver was excellent and he waited unntil 1 minute before scheduled timepoint, and left.

Arrived Rosa Park Hempstead Transit Center at 9:17, 7 minutes early from 9:22.

Total time NICE: 35 minutes.

Restroom at bus terminal was cleaning, so I went across to train station and got copy of Fare/Ticket Information booklet because I forgot what zones and location of LIRR branch stations.


Next, I got on 8:43 n6x Nassau Community College Express #1702 with bad, new female driver which supposed to leave 9:20, departed 14 minutes late at 9:34.

Few students got off at Hofras University.

When she got to Nassau Community College/Student Union around 9:44, everyone got off except me.

I told her I'm going to Endo Blvd, but this female driver refused to make all campus stops as she supposed to because Endo Blvd was scheduled timepoint.

Got off here at non-schedule point at 9:45, 12 minutes late at 9:33.

Total time on NICE: 10 minutes.


Next, I got on 9:15 n16 Roosevelt Field #1757 ontime at 9:50, with male driver and arrived Roosevelt Field Mall @ 10:03, 1 minute late from 10:02.

Total time on NICE: 13 minutes.


Next, 9:15 n24 Hicksville #1606 showed up at 10:25, 13 minutes late from 10:12 with slow male driver.

We missed 10:45 n79 South Hungtington connection, because we arrived Hicksville Station at 10:50, 13 minutes late from 10:37.

Total time on NICE: 25 minutes.

Since next n79 South Hungtington was not until 11:55,

I finally saw New York State of Department in action where they were fixing up the traffic light on south side of Hicksville Station at Newsbridge Rd and went into train station, got few bus schedules, then said hello to my friend behind LIRR ticket window, and I bought LIRR Ticket from Sayville to Babylon.

 I decided to go to Fed Ex and my friend who works there helped from lulimating the piece of paper I made with Car Free Day LI and add Challenge, then went across to deli by n78/79 and bought Hot Dog.

I got few schedules from LIRR Ticket I saluted to MTA Police as well.

After that, I ate at bench at n22/48/49 bay near garbage can while I waited for my bus.

Around 11:55, I noticed Chinese elderly couple were having old schedule, so I gave them extra copy of n78/79 schedule.


I got on 11:55 n79 South Huntington #1719 departed 12:20, 25 minutes late. It was good friend and male driver. I showed H40 bus schedule and asked for paper transfer and he gave me transfer.

We had good talk as he drive his late bus quickly as possible. Arrived at Walt Whitman Mall at 12:58, 27

minutes late from 12:31.


I rush to Apple Store and made quick check in while I waiting for 13:30 H40 Northport.


I got and gave her MTA transfer on usual nice and friendly female driver on 13;30 H40 Northport #808 departed 5 minutes early at 13:25. She was honey.

Not knowing H40 doesn't use Scudder Avdue to NIMBYs. Af scudder Av/Laurel Rd, she thought I was going to Northport-Easport Library, but this time I told her I plan to go to VA Medical Center and she continue her way.

At 14:00, I completely forgot HART Operators have driver change. This time, as female driver throw garbage from trash can, and return trash can to bus, and threw her comfy seat as well.

At 14:08, HART employee relief her by Car Relief and female and male driver exchange. Male driver was very nice and he gave me new copy of H40 schedule.

New schedule was completely different and no more Scudder Av and departed 14:11, 4 minutes late from 14:07.

Suppose to arrival Northport VA Hospital at 14:18, arrived 8 minutes late at 14:26, and 14:30 S41 Bay Shore wasn't showed up yet.

Total time on HART: 61 minutes.


When I got to bus stop, one of male passenger thought I was selling token. I said no and I asked if S41 bus came yet, but not yet.

14:30 S41 Bay Shore #1030 came, paid $2.25 and asked if male bus driver if he meets S58 bus and he said yes and he gave me transfer and departed 1 minute late at 14:31. It was crush loaded.

This male driver told his regular passenger that yesterday was crush loaded.

He arrived Huntington Square Mall @ 14:51, 1 minute late from 14:50.

Total time on SCT: 10 minutes.


Since I had time until 15:40 S58 bus, I went to use restroom at Sear's AutoCenter and which I missed it and Auto Center garage redirect me into AutoCenter store and found hidden restroom.

Then I had good talk with regular S41/S58 male passenger and he agreed that Unlimited Cards will be helpful.

I try calling Colonial Transportation to ask politely if shuttle bus from Islip Airport was running, but due to my speaking disable, they hang up on me.

So, I just decided to go to Sayville.


15:40 S58 #5072 with female operator left 12 minutes late at 15:52, and I gave her SCT Transfer.

Arrived Smith Haven Mall at 16:24, 14 minutes behind schedule.

Total time on SCT: 32 minutes.


I made quick stop at Apple Store to check train ticket fare and went to customer service to get SCT Bus Map because my SCT Bus Map I left at home and I didn't want to try S57 bus without bus route.


Then I went to Food Court, quick samples from some of stores and bought Chicken Tempura with Fried Rice combo and Sprite soda to go and return to apple store for another check in and rush to bus stop.


I paid $2.00 to male driver on 17:00 S57 Sayville #1053 departed 12 minutes late at 17:12, which was good male driver.

It was beautiful scenic ride with great view of Lake Ronkonhoma. I had my lunch while looking at bus map and schedule at same time. I ate my lunch without taking container out of plastic shopping bag because I like to keep bus and train seat clean.

After the airport, I saved my lunch for later.

At Veterans Memorial Highway east approaching Islip Airport, he professionally and carefully went to left turn bay to airport without hitting a car.

It was my first time I seen MacArthur Islip Airport and learned S57 stop at Hourly Bus Stop area.

He arrived at Sayville Station 18:28, 10 minutes late from 18:18.

Total time on SCT: 76 minutes.


Next, I rush to front end of Long Island Railroad platform and got on second car of #4012 on 6:30 Babylon-bound Montauk Train from Patchogue arrived/departed ontime at 18:38, arrived Babylon Station ontime at 19:03.

Total time on Train: 35 minutes.


Then, next I went to front end to ask both train engineer than conductor if I could use Bellmore-Freeport ticket for Massapequa and conductor said yes. I walk through 2 cars and sit down on car #7174 on 19:09 Penn Station-bound train left 1 minute late at 19:10, arrived Massapequa Station at 19:25, 1 minutes late from 19:24.

Total time on Train: 15 minutes.

Since usual Broadway exit was closed, so I had to use different exit.

There was male taxi operator and I asked if he knows where is bus stop, but he didn't know. So I showed him n80/n81 bus route and pointed to Broadway and he direct me to Broadway.


After 19:00 n54 Hempstead came late about 19:35, male driver told me 19:30 n80 Hicksville is coming.


I got on 19:30 n80 Hicksville #1733 departed 19:38, 2 minutes early from 19:40 and it was good male driver.

I overhead lady talking on cell sitting on front seat next to me was wondering if she going to make it to 20:05.

Arrived Hicksville Station at 20:03, 2 minutes early.

Total time on NICE; 25 minutes.


Next, I return to same deli and bought Iced Tea and rush to n20 bay and both of us made to 20:05 n20 Flushing #1593 perfect timing and good familar male driver left 1 minute early at 20:04.

During n20 bus ride, I finish eating my lunch before busy Great Neck Station.

We got delay at Great Neck Station.

Arrived Roosevelt Av/Main St at 9:26, 9 minutes late from 9:17.

Total time on NICE: 82 Minutes.


I used restroom quick at Flushing New World Mall and rush to check on NICE Bus, then checked what time Q48 bus live and I gave female passenger on n20 bus stop, Nassau County register voter copy of Vote Demoractive Team (which I got from Carrie Solage's fundraiser in Brooklyn on Wed).

Then I got on 21:50 Q48 LaGuardia Airport #6284 ontime at 21:50, arrived Mets-Willets Point at 21:54.


Next, I went into subway station, but Mets-Willets Point only had outdated bus maps, so I only took 1 August-updated subway map and got on front car #1681 on Times Sq-bound (7) local departed 21:59, and arrived Junction Blvd at 22:03.

Total time on Subway: 4 minutes.


I stopped by at my old house at Warren St to do garbage errand around 22:15, then went home about 22:45.



Edited by FamousNYLover

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I'm sure as hell glad none of these "cars are bad for everyone, take mass transit when the schedules suck and people are stupid" types live around me.  This is the stupidest thing ever.


And of all the schools they support, OW is on there?  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the school, but it's perched about 300 feet above ground, a mile away from civilization in any given direction, and the last school you want to go to if you have no car, especially later on in the day when the shuttle only runs every 45-50 minutes.  That first picture?  That's not even New York, let alone anywhere in the tri-state area.  Those businesspeople types you see take the LIRR to the city anyway and take the subway or a taxi, take the LIRR back, and DRIVE HOME during the rush.  Who in the hell planned this?

Do they even have a choice with how bad SCT is car free is just simply not possible in LI.

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Well duh, but I'm sure you have some dope heads that could use the LIRR but drive into Manhattan instead.   <_<



Well in that situation I can understand.  However on Long Island, they really shun public transit.  Yes, part of it is that transit sucks out there, but it's also a snob factor.  They would never be caught dead using NICE, but then again neither would I.  :lol: I always use the LIRR to car service, which is bloody expensive I may add. It's like $15.00 for a 10 minute ride tops with a tip, one way, not including the LIRR ticket going and coming back.  <_<


I have to ask you since you're so car-centric.  How often do you use your car in a 7 day week?  You say you don't use it in Manhattan, but when do you use it? 

You have to be stupid to even consider the ripoff excuse for car service. There are many NICE buses timed with LIRR throughout the day but I admit rush hour service is just inexcusably bad. Out in Suffolk even Nassau county with NICE's reliability I'd imagine it makes car free that much harder. How can you leave the car at home if you have work before buses start to run thats unacceptable. Let DH runs leave mitchel field earlier shuttle folks to LIRR then from LIRR to job centers at the Nassau hub before beginning their routes on some lines. There is highway 135 in seaford to bounce and flee to port Washington via LIE CMON NICE. SCT is worse it's outright useless for most people you can't take a bus that doesn't exist I mean run. Sorry for the rant VG8 But as one who visits LI a few times you should be able to use the subpar buses out there if you looked their schedules through enough. I'd imagine Suffolk being much harder if they can't be bothered to run when people need them then people can't be bothered to use the buses it's a 2 way thing you've got to run when you're needed to get riders otherwise you ain't getting none. Ridership is correlated to how convenient a service is period. Bus ridership cannot just ride when buses feel like running. Look through SCT and you will know how NOT to run a bus system.

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