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Watching 'Full Screen' on Youtube?

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Okay, so this is the story:


Whenever I watch a Youtube video from this site (e.g. http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/41665-hd-r1-rfw-footage-coney-island-125th-street-via-brighton-local-6th8th-avenue-express/) and I click on "Full Screen" everything is fine.


However, if I go to Youtube site and watch the same video

and click on "Full Screen" the video does not go to full-screen, however the video does take up 75% of the screen with a black or white background.


Any ideas as far as what is going on? Thanks...

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Okay, now I have another problem, something similar:


From the actual Youtube site, whenever I want to watch some of my favorite videos, whether it is in "small player", "large player" or "full screen", the actual visual only takes up about 1/3 to 1/2 of the screen, leaving the other in pitch black. So far this has only happened to only two of my favorite videos.


Any advice? I am just so pissed off by this...

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