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via White Plains Road

Flushing, Jamaica, Myrtle Avenue and White Plains Road Lines!

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40th Street-Bliss Street (7)

DSC02391 by jamaicaqnzfreak, on Flickr

DSC02400 by jamaicaqnzfreak, on Flickr
69th Street-Fisk Avenue (7)

DSC02401 by jamaicaqnzfreak, on Flickr

DSC02403 by jamaicaqnzfreak, on Flickr
Cypress Hills (J)

DSC02420 by jamaicaqnzfreak, on Flickr
Alabama Avenue (J)

DSC02423 by jamaicaqnzfreak, on Flickr

DSC02427 by jamaicaqnzfreak, on Flickr
Broadway Junction (J)

DSC02462 by jamaicaqnzfreak, on Flickr
Knickerbocker Avenue (M)

DSC02478 by jamaicaqnzfreak, on Flickr
W. Farms Square-E. Tremont Avenue (2)(5)

DSC02537 by jamaicaqnzfreak, on Flickr


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Wow. Just wow. Well executed shots! +1 dude.



Nice shots man!



Those photos are cool! Nice action on the IRT and BMT



The (7) station is ether 40th-Lowery or 46th-Bliss.there is no 40th-Bliss.Other than that they are some very good shots.



Fantastic pics!



Great ones.



Very nice photos!



Cool pics and vids!

Thank you. @ Around the Horn....i meant Lowery Street not Bliss!

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