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Worst movie seen ever!!


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This is unrealstic and stupid. heres why....



T. rex (The dino that lost)

Length: up to 42 ft, possibly 45 ft.

Weight: up to 7 tons, possibly 8 tons

Height: 16-18 ft or something like that, height isn't going to be very different between the two carnivores.

Prey: Large dinos, medium dinos, small dinos, carrion

Advantageous: Binocular vision(better depth perception), more complex ear, better smell (although smell probably won't play a part in a fight), stronger bite force, teeth better able to damage opponent, more muscle mass per foot

Disadvantageous: smaller arms, smaller size, probably less intimidating to the Spino than the spino is to him.




Length: 50-60 ft

Weight: up to 9 tons

Height: 18-20 ft I think, 25 with sail

Prey: fish, small dinos, carrion

Advantageous: larger size, longer arms and longer hand claws(although do to the position of the arms, slung below the body, they probably won't be able to be used on the rex)

Disadvantageous: less powerful bite force and less damaging teeth(designed to hold fish), sail is easy target for large blood loss causing attack




Now by looking at facts the only avantage the spino have is its size. If the T rex and spinoaurus would fight in real life the T rex would eaisly win. I mean its teeth were made to hold fish so how the hell could it kill the T rex? Rex would win by sheer strength and bite power. So this seen is compete BS. Not to mention the T rex was everybody favorite dinosour, killing him off was stupid.



Also another thing about JP III, at the end the birds got out of the cage and everybody was calm WTF???? Shound'nt they have been panicking?



I hope they find a way to bring the T rex back in JP IIII

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