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New Flyer low hybrid. U winder if that us true.


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As far when i read the wikipedia about the bus roster they said that 4 new flyer low hybrid had moved from jackie gleason depot in brooklyn to west farms depot in the bronx. So far i have not seen them in the bronx in service yet as far as the the 6 tmc rts buses runs in the bronx under by wf depot. Usually new bus will run om the Bx35,Bx11 or the Bx27,and sometime the Bx6. It can run on the Bx19 too if they want too. But if yall have a camera and you guys see a new flyer low hybrid bus runs in the bronx running under by west farms depot take a pictures and posted or just let me know. And I will give you a holla for sure. Mostly it is a former roster of jackie gleason Depot. Most likely they will ship it back to jackie gleason in brooklyn. They should bring back the novas in the bronx. It wasnt the same without it. I miss those novas.

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