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Uptown on teh (1) yo! (With some Jerome stuff....)

Pablo M 201

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This stop 215th Street....



....Next Stop 207th Street.



Last Stop 242nd Street/Van Cortlandt Park



All up in yo face @ 242nd Street/Van Cortlandt Park :P



207th Street



Back at 207th Street after making a trip down to Grand Central


And now to the (1)'s brotheren across the Harlem River for after TOMC railfanning....



Fordham Road



" "



" "



Kingsbridge Road




Hope you enjoyed, comments are always welcomed!

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Is it me or do the R142's (not the A's the regular ones) have messed up LED route signs in the front? Nice shot pablo.
Nah, its just my settings, I forgot to tune it abit so thats its front LED friendly. And thanks!


Great shots, I really like that last (1) shot.
Thanks! Thats one of my favorites too.
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Nice pics, but if you ever invade my pops territory again, I will find you.





Thanks btw!


nice pics and hah you'll catch him. might be hard for him to get back to Jersey after you do.
Boy, you wouldn't wanna underestimate me!


And thanks!


Beautiful pics as always...my favorite are the R-142S (4) trains and the last three shots of the (1) train!
Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed them.
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If I find him I'll get squashed like a bug...


Great stuff! I enjoy all up in yo face shots :)
Thanks Fred! That had seem to be the shooting thing of the day for me.


Nice R62A pics!!


Beautiful photos, Pablo! I especially enjoy photos on the 1. Cool to see the museum SMEE train in the background. :D
Thanks Cyberider!
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