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Propane school bus being delivered catches fire next to propane tank Al0xX4Fb2S12S58p13Z3

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A propane Blue Bird Vision being delivered caught fire at a a fuel stop in TN (right next to the large propane tank).  At first it was assumed the propane fuel system "exploded" but it was later discovered it was a fire started in the front wheel area  and the "explosions" heard were the front tires popping.  I personally think the confusion of the bus "exploding" was the Associated Press jumping to conclusions, as they also assumed the Drive Away company owned the bus (probably because the transporter plate used on the bus was registered to the company and listed in the police report and the AP assumed they were the registered owner of the bus).


I've delivered these exact propane buses stopping to refuel at UHaul locations and have always worried about the buses running hot at highway speed and having something catch fire next to one of the propane tanks, that looks like what happened here (as it is reported the bus wasn't connected to the propane tank when it caught fire).  I will say I was so impressed that a massive fire could happen next to large propane tank and nothing happened (I assumed it would explode).  I was also very impressed that (as Blue Bird pointed out) the propane system did not cause or enhance the fire, the system did exactly as it should in an emergency and will no doubt help Blue Bird market the safety of these buses!


School bus catches fire in East Ridge

Investigator Says School Bus Fire in Tennessee Originated at Front Wheel, Not Propane Tank



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