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Parked Acela Trains 3 Years Ago Today

Fred G

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The Acela trainsets had been pulled off the lines due to a systemwide brake defect. Here are 2 trainsets in Pawtucket, RI, just outside Providence. Notice that the noses are removed to allow access to the couplers.






Photos taken with a Sony DSC-V1. Enjoy!

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Awesome catches!


I remember being so sad when they got pulled from service, and so happy when i saw one later that year speed through trenton!


By the way, few know this, but the HHP8 double ended loco has traditional coupler setup, but the acela has something a bit different. IF you look at the profile of each, you'll notice the acela loco's are longer at the nose. This is actually to house a mechanism that covers the couplers in normal service, but folds up & into the front under the lights for when the couplers need to be used.


If you look carefully right above the couplers theres an odd dark half moon shaped thing with a handle on it. That's actually the bottom of the front of the nose!!! The small flap above that closes flush for aerodynamic reasons. Very similar to concorde & its drooping nose. :D


- Andy

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