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What is your favorite retired subway car?

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What is your favorite retired IRT subway car?

1. R12

2. R14

3. R15

4. R17

5. R21

6. R22

7. R26

8. R28

9. R29

10. R33 ML

11. R33 WF

12. R36 ML

13. R36 WF

14. R110A (R130)

Pick your most favorite retired subway car.

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R110A, but I don't see that on there.


It's on the other thread, in the BMT/IND section.


EDIT: Oooh wait... never mind. I can't read.


SECOND EDIT: Wait... where is the other thread? I swear it was just there, in the BMT/IND section, you know, the museum train one?

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where does it say 32 GE LOL, even tho its in the process of being dumped...besides this is an IRT forum not BRT or BMT IND forum rofl!!!:DB)


The GE's are actually all gone now, not in the process. Like I said before... didn't Kexpress make a similar thread in the BMT forum? Where did it go?

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