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R21's on the Number 1 Train

Earle Baldwin

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Good morning, all.


Here are some photos of R21's which, along with the R22's, were the backbone of Broadway/Seventh Avenue local service during the time frame these photos were taken. I have tried to vary the photo angles and lighting conditions, including a few snowstorm shots. Standing on those elevated platforms can get mighty chilly!


(231st St. Station 2/9/85)



(238th St. Station 11/17/84)



(207th St. Station 1/19/85)



(225th St. Station 2/2/85)



(238th St. Station 11/17/84)



The North end of the uptown platform at the 238th Street Station was another favorite location of mine since the stylish buildings of Manhattan College provided an attractive background.


As with my previous posts, I'm grouping the photos according to equipment type although I can start mixing and matching at some point if that would be preferable.





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Great shots, man. To R1Toasty: Graffiti only looks good on a train if it is an amateur mural of some sort, i.e. if someone did an ad or a crude landscape/portrait on the side of a car and then signed underneath his or her work. However, using the trains as a yearbook for any fool with a spray can is not art nor is it commendable; it just makes the equipment look three times its age and makes the car maintenance crews do four times the work.

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