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Incident on NY Thruway


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Well, after dropping my sister off at college in Albany, my family and I were driving down I-87S. When I spot a Silver, or White or Gray (I can't tell) SUV parked at a extremely peculiar angle. It didn't seem like they crashed, but it didn't seem like they pulled over because of the angle. Then we drive past it and notice tons of fresh clothing scattered across the road (I-87N). It was very sad how somebody lost all their clearly new clothing on what seemed to be a trip to drop off another college student. Please, if anybody knows any information on what happened, or a link to a news article about this. Please post so. It's pretty upsetting, and I can't stop thinking about it. :)

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bus accident, it was all over the news lol

Wrong incident you're thinking about here.


He would've seen a bus, basically overturned on the side of the road.....


And speaking of that accident, the bus that was total was one of Atlantic Express' new Van Hool, that they're going to have to scrapped supposedly.

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