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About the 5th Av Depot(now Jackie Gleason Depot)


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Was the 5th Av Depot rebuilt by 1984 and if so, how many buses were still assigned along with the arrivals of the 400 new 1984 GMC buses that came in.


In 1988, was this depot expanded to add more buses and routes and if so, how many buses did Jackie Gleason Depot now have and what routes were transferred there as a resulut of the depot expansion.


As of today, can Jackie Gleason Depot still handle 320 buses or not.

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From wiki:


"Jackie Gleason Depot





The Jackie Gleason Depot, formerly the Fifth Avenue Depot until June 30, 1988,[19] is located on the east side of Fifth Avenue between 36th and 39th Streets in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Named after Jackie Gleason, who grew up in Brooklyn and played bus driver Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners, it is just west of the 36th-38th Street Yard of the New York City Subway. The depot was equipped with a compressed natural gas fueling station on June 7, 1999, the first NYCTA depot to support CNG buses. This is the only all-CNG bus depot in the city.[4] CNG testing began in 1990, when the NYCTA was testing Transportation Manufacturing Corporation RTS-06 CNG demonstration model buses.[ citation needed ]"


Dunno bout the capacity though, sorry. Maybe a B/O can shed light on that.


- Andy

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Oh I did knew at first when it was Jackie Gleason Depot which formely known as the 5th Avenue Depot when they changed the name in 1988 when I read the wikipedia. Yup Jackie Gleason grew up in Brooklyn cuz I remember watching the honey mooners.

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