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Amtrak in Wilmington DE


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Actually, it was, the Northeast Corridor used to be owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad, which I assume you mean track south of NJ, and the PRR's main Electric Locomotive was the GG1 for Passenger use and E44 for Freight use.


Yea, i guess amtrak didn't get around to lowering the anchor brackets on the towers yet in some spots. Would be cool if someone de-asbesosified & restored a GG1 and put it in service on the NEC. Would love to see the look on people's faces when they see a 100 year old electric loco pull in pullin their train!!! ;):eek:


Also, the use of hard point crossovers between towers should be increased to make the whole wire system more stable for higher speed service. Suspended vs hard point cat has a huge swing in max travel speed, especially on curves. I guess that will be another decade out or more. :):cool:


- Andy

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