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How SubwayGuy passed time in his boring classes while in school...(Dial up = A local)


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Doing some cleanup around the house and couldn't resist scanning these. Since some of you have posted art work before, what the heck, I'd hardly call this art more just "notebook scratchitti with ink" to pass the time, Im no artist but for me always felt trains and Yankee Stadium were the easiest things to draw...


So here goes...



Some freight





oh noes! a BUS!





a slant missing its mate (b/c there was no way I duplicate the drawing :()

Its also missing a door and windows but that's b/c I drew the carbody too small

Gave it pantograph gates on the B end cuz I don't know how to draw the bologna springs...





A little bit of everything...the one at the top is probably the best drawing I've ever done...EVER...took me a whole period in religion class = why I shouldn't of gone to a catholic school :mad:



2nd best drawing I ever done...



More freight



Little bit of everything to close out the "artwork" heh :)


Ha...lots of mistakes because I'd start trying to draw one thing and wind up drawing something else.

Also I took school seriously just throwing that out there, I chose the classes I drew in very carefully, mostly religion/philosophy and other "thought bubble" stuff I wasn't really interested in or found useful and was only taking because I had to...


Thats all for now... :cool:

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WOW! Which school do you attend? I have to Philosophical Ethics at Fordham, and it wasn't so bad.


I went to Providence College...and after 4 years all I have to say is...


...I'm never living in New England again.

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You'll probably be famous someday and those things will be worth a ton of dough. You take PayPal? :D;)


Heh...says the guy who's photos I should be buying as prints to hang up on the wall...;):D


Thanks Fred :)

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