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Car Inspector


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I took the car inspector exam on the first week of July 08. I received a letter to come back for a pre interview and a drug test. After that was said and done, I was told I would get a phone call and they sent me home with a employment hand guide. I'm wondering how long does one have to wait before they call. One week? two or three? or more?


I hope this is the right section for this question, if it isn't- please move it.


Thank You

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Do not forget, there is a hiring freeze. If positions do need to be filled during this time, they will call people, but it will be very few. When it is lifted, it will move faster. Since you did your Pre-Interview, you will be called soon as they start hiring for that position again. With MTA it can be 1 week to several months, before one is hired after the pre-interview. Most of the time, one is called back in less than 1 month. I would just call them to find out what is going on. They can tell you best, for your situation, since you had already did the pre-interview. There are alot of employees who are in your situation, for all kind of positions.

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