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Hurricane Gustav


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The rigs are ready this time. Plus, some of the ones that were taken offline before were scrapped & replaced by fewer but "remote" piped platforms that used pipes from the old well heads at the sea floor where the other ones had been. More cost effective.


Also, the huge amount of equipment amtrak kept down there from chicago, sunnyside & los angeles is helping thousands evacuate. I am kind of sorry i can't afford to fly in or such & catch some photos of all that equipment in one place. I've heard estimates that they have like 30 of their rev diesels and 5 of their work diesels assigned to move trains of up to 60 cars at a time between the coastal stops where national guard & other folks are helping load people on. I also heard they that have approximately a full third of their rail cars from LA and chicago down there, not including the viewliners because they are too heavy to move quickly enough in long consists. Viewliners + lounge cars however may have been assigned to governor's task forces in TX, LA, MS, GA, and FL according to someone i know that is very reliable. The rumors of NJT multilevels being taken from sunnyside have yet to be confirmed or dispelled by photographic or transit official commentary evidence


Again as stated in the other thread if anyone knows anyone family etc, please see if they can get some photos of this.

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