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"X Line" Status? (Bay Ridge Branch & Rockaway Branches etc)


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Since when there was a X line planned in the MTA


Theres not going to be a X line and if it was most likely it probably be part of the 2nd Avenue Line and the Bay Ridge and Rockaway Branches are ex-Long Island Rail Road branches....MTA will not do anything about them. Its up to Brooklyn and Queens borough presidents to do something about them or even the Mayor!

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Last I heard/read, the label for this campaign was calling it the X line, but perhaps it's different now, I don't know. I do know that every few years I hear people talk about these lines and mention there's still an effort to make them part of the subway.


There would be a great connection at Avenue H on the <Q> for it. It's a pain to have to head up to Atlantic or DeKalb to change for an R to get to Bay Ridge and the B9 takes forever. It would also be nice to get to Forest Hills from the Rockaways without such a huge tour of the city. B)


I hope these happen, but I wanted to know where the actual efforts stood today.

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Well, it's in the R32 rollsign, so there was provision for it.


Even the P, U and Y on R32s


I was looking for pictures of that just now and saw this:




However, P, U, X and Y aren't shown. Does anyone have pictures of those or know what colors they were?



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Yes! That was one of the things I remember. Someone calling it the "triboro". I probably have it bookmarked on my other PC. I don't think that was the only effort though.


What's the status of his project?


EDIT: Found some links.





Some of it's pretty heavy going, and I can't get the main map that zooms in and out to work, but it's pretty thorough.


I don't see anything since last year though. Is it being taken seriously?

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Thanks. I'd love to know of any new developments. This would benefit me personally, although the way things go, it may be my grandkids that first get to ride it. B)


I can dream though.




The Rockaway branch was what I originally heard about years ago, even before I knew the Bay Ridge branch existed. I posted some questions about the proposed (and partially built) connection here:




Both of these projects seem so easy to complete from a engineering perspective. It would be a shame if they don't come to pass.

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