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Feeling "gothic" at Bedford Park Blvd (4) Station

Pablo M 201

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'Round the curve there she goes....



....'Round the curve here she comes!



And heres that gothic feeling I was talking about. Seems cool, I should try it more....




Hope you enjoyed, comments are always welcomed!

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Great shots, I really like that first one.


Most wonderful shots there....my favorites are the 1st two pics
Thanks Curtis!


Terrific shots, Pablo! The lighting on the last one is really cool.
Thanks Fred! I didn't even mean to shoot it like that with such a fast shutter speed, when the train in the 2nd photo came in, and left, I just turned and click.


Haha...hey those look familiar! B)


They came out nice man

LOL! Thanks man!


nice shots


NIce, i like the second one more like a (S)(N)(A)(K)(E)... B)
Thanks! Yeah, that part of the Jerome Avenue line can get very curvy.


Nice stuff man!


Yes, the subway easily lends itself to that dystopian "gothic" look & feel in photos. You did a good job of capturing it even with the NTT!


- A

Thanks (A)! The subway does give off that feeling in some locations.


Nice shots!
Thanks man!


I'm loving the pictures. Any pics with the (4) train in it gets an instant smile on my face. That was a nice touch with that "gothic" feel to the last shot. Great stuff as always Pablo.
Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed them.
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