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My Last Set!! (14th Street, 34th Street, and 49th Street)


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Wonderful pics and vids


You never disappoint me Curtis!!


My (Q)uincy still has its best cars; R68A's! Love it, and R68 2902 on the <(W)>. Awesome Man!


Thanks, I wasn't expecting it!!! I was waiting for a R160B (W) Train.


Nice job!




Nice R160B, and good job on all vids & pics! B)


Thanks alot.


Nice pics and vids man!




Nice pics and vids!




Very nice, I'm loving the <W>.


I never really seen a Diamond (W) but i did see a R46 <R> that day!! (I couldn't get it.)

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I have seen the <R> many times, both at the C/R position and on the front and rear of the train yet I have heard some people say it does not exist. Now what would be very cool to see is a Broadway R diamond, in service not just on the sign in my room.

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