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Beautiful Day (Song)

R62A 1991

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Time to live up to that new sig that I put into place. Note that this is a rap song, over a simple drum pattern and some nice piano. I welcome all comments, and only ask that you do not use this for your own gain. I wrote it during the school year last year, and recorded it around that time, it was about me leaving home for the first time. Amazingly, the time of the song is 1:48.



Beautiful Day (Interlude)


A minute of your time to reflect on life.


While treading the path of memories I hold

I recall how deeper these days unfold

I like to be strong. I like to be bold.

I considered my heart made of gold.


Then waves blow over and wash away.

Childhood is gone and my being sways.

A bright young future is looming ahead.

I hope to continue in a righteous stead.


I hope to support, and bring to lands

The gift of the word, the lending of a hand.

A brand new day, eradicating decay

Because there’s no hate on my mind today.


A melody so rare that they’ll want to learn

Their own persona, they want to yearn.

They will not stop ‘till a voice is heard.

That heaven somewhere is not absurd.


‘Till every moment feels an angel’s kiss

Giving good fortune they will not miss.

It was inside of me, all along.

To finish, I must find a place to belong.


(Wait…hold on)…


The other side holds a fire

Of the greedy things that we all desire.

We try to escape, turn our place around

Yet they know where we are found.


So I look for the place where total is pure.

Fragments of destiny is the allure.

A difficult journey to undertake

But for the world, I put my life at stake.


I roam leaving places better than before.

I’m not the only one who wants to settle the score.

It’s already known that we all want progress.

But we haven’t reached the top of our crest.


So is my trip down memory lane.

I keep on smiling, and I hide the pain.

Take people with me to relieve their shame

And step up the technique to win this game.


And so is my beautiful day.




Hope you liked it.

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