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DC-9 derivatives (MD-80, MD-90, Boeing 717)

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MD-82/3: in the USA, only American still operates them, and these are restricted to routes from Dallas-Forth Worth. In this area, only Newark Liberty sees them; all of the LGA flights that used to have them now have 737-800s.



(This is a newer one, one of the ex-TWA ones)


MD-88 - essentially, a Delta-spec MD-82/3. Both JFK and LGA still see them a plenty, but the 737-800 has replaced them on a lot of routes 



MD-90-30 - a stretched version of the MD-80 series (not counting the shrunken MD-87, which did not have any American customers). Over 100 were delivered to several airlines, but only Delta and EVA Air in China still run them. These are mostly out of Minneapolis, but one or two occasionally comes to LGA.



Boeing 717 - this was to be called the MD-95. The shortest version since the early DC-9s, it was also the last version offered. The ones in the USA in service today are AirTran units or ex-AirTran, operated by Delta out of Atlanta. Only Newark and (for a few more months) LGA see them.


This one is actually an ex-TWA unit leased from Boeing



This one is a retired AirTran unit awaiting a Delta transfer


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