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Breakfast of Chumpeens!

Fred G

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W000! Now that looks good!


I went ghetto this morning and made ham and cheese sandwiches with hot dog buns.....


LOL @ the hot dog buns but sounds great! Thanks for the thumbs up on plate amigo :)


Lol @ Pablo.


Fred, Your system can handle that?! :eek:


I crave it, Zach. In retrospect I wish I ladled some hot green chile over it :(


Seriously! coffee, beans, and hot sauce?! Wooo :eek:


Oh, saying I'm used to that mix is understatement; I was jonesin for a plate like you see in my pic and lemme tellya I scratched that itch :D




Now that's my kinda meal!!!


- A


I'll make moar! :)


Wow!! I'm like Pablo! That looks delicioso!


It was awesome and I was smiling all morning :) Only thing better would have been some juevos rancheros, maybe. Maybe :D

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Whenever we have a NYCTF bbq fred has to cook. :)


- A


Serious! Fred, well have to get you an Apron with an FL-9 on it! lol. As I hope we can all do that one day!


Have a cookout in Bridgeport. :(

Make it convenient for Fred at least....


Right. Whatevers convenient for you Fred. As long as theirs a John By.:D


LMAO! You guys are hilarious!!:D And yet I think about...:)

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