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MTA Arts & Design Installs New Photography Exhibit by Danny Lyon

Union Tpke

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MTA Arts & Design has installed a new photography exhibit that features exclusive images by Danny Lyon, who photographed subway riders in 1966. The exhibit, located at the Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr  (B)(D)(N)(Q)(R)(2)(3)(4)(5) station in Brooklyn, will be on view for one year. Lyon has had a storied career as a photographer and filmmaker who documented, as both an observer and participant, the civil rights movement in 1962 in the South and motorcycle gangs in Chicago. He injects the medium with a decisive point of view that directs attention to those often unseen. His later work took him to prisons to explore conditions there. Lyon returned to New York City in late 1966, when he took his mother’s advice: “If you're bored, just talk to someone on the subway.” He used a Rolleiflex camera and color transparency film to photograph the subway in Brooklyn. The images in “Underground: 1966” have never been publicly exhibited.

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