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Drivers "Environmentally" Challenged


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A problem I have with Daylight Savings Time changes is the way it can mess up my coordination in locating important points for turns. Case in point: Last year when it started getting dark at around 7:00, I was in Sparta NJ and I was trying to locate a left turn that I would otherwise had no problem driving in daylight. Another issue is number of times I have been put on the route (which isn't much) which can contribute to location issues to include the time change/length of daylight


Anyone else have the same problem?

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This happened to me the other day on the 504, usually by the 5th trip it would be dark now it was daylight and I completely missed a turn.


Alot of ppl don't realize you have to remeber 2 routes. One in the daylight and the other at night.

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