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R42 R Train!!!!!

Sea Beach

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that'll just be awesome, if i ever see that R42 R rolling down the tracks at 63rd drive i'll just explode in foam lol


good add more real trains to the R line instead of the usual crappy tin can that comes in..


Please, no flooding in Queens Blvd. They already had enuff...


But damn, it was meant to happen sometime, that's the hottest thing to happen to an R42 set hit the (F) line sometime last summer. Crap, this is the hottest thing since the time when a full 10 car R42 Spare set was running on both the (:) and (N) lines ! That was teh awesomez

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Guys, does anyone notice that those car numbers are low? Really low? Last time I checked, Pitkin has 4550-4637 and Jamaica had 4638-4741. Are the R40Ms bumping the R42 on the (A) to Jamaica?


Yes they are, I notied it last week so the last set of Phase I's and a few R42's all in a Mix went to jamaic, There is an video of an r32 and R42 mix on you tube.

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