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MTA buses testing new safety technology

Q113 LTD

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New safety systems are being tested on (MTA) buses.

The technology being tested is aimed at improving safety for drivers, customers and pedestrians.

It includes pedestrian-turn warnings and collision-avoidance systems. The testing will determine whether the (MTA) will pursue a full pilot program in 2016.


Source video: http://abc7ny.com/traffic/mta-testing-new-safety-technology-on-buses/1011492/

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Flatbush is the only depot that has these devices installed at the moment.

Wow thats new I thought Quill or Manhattanville was going to see this program. They need to test them out on Casey Stengel or LaGuardia routes because people are always getting hit in Flushing and Corona/Elmhurst.
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So is pedestrian awareness....which is lacking, especially with smartphones and earbuds.

Lacking also because of the narcissistic immediate gratification syndrome -- "It's all about me and I want it now!"  The use of old Walkmans with earphones didn't cause major exhibits of street stupidity back in their day.

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