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Vision requirements for C/R-T/O


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hey guys its the mark dude =]


was wondering wats the vision requirements?


Hmm I don't know them by numbers I can say as long as your not blind, I wear glasses I am hating it for when I wear the over the glasses safety goggles. As long as you don't have any of the visionary diseases your good.


Just bring your contacts or glasses if you wear them on the day of the medical.

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actually I got a vision disease, called Corneal Disease :D


Ive had this for almost a year, since I started glasses in 2003, but had to transfer to contacts, after the docs told me, Now I wear contacts and glasses, still trying hard to practice contacts, dont wanna get blind, and its real hard to put those things on


The glasses are needed with the contacts to improve the vision:( :D



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I've seen you with glasses and I think you can see very well, you'll do good! :P


ya thz me b0y, but I STILL got a diseases, no matter wat.


And if I get blind, im busted :D god for bid

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I regret to tell you that it might be difficult for you to obtain the position of Conductor or Train Operator.


The vision requirements for a safety-sensitive position, which these two positions are, state that you are allowed to wear contacts while on duty as long as you carry a pair of glasses on you at all times in the event one of the lenses pops out. However, you are not allowed to wear contacts during the vision test and can only wear glasses during this exam. If you feel that you can pass the exam, which is not an easy one, by wearing only glasses, then go for it. Otherwise, you might want to consider going for a non-safety sensitive position such as Cleaner, Station Agent, or Property Protection Agent.


Best of luck.

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