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The Lakeview Terrace / Republicans


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Just about 41 days to Election Day come The Lakeview Terrace, a movie that reminds blacks & white Americans that they’re different and the only thing that can unite them is love. As if common interest plays no role in unification. I wonder if the republicans put them up to this. It is too obvious, the movie focus more on the things that divides us as opposed to what bring us together. Yes it is true that some of us have our preferences when it comes to companionship but do there always relate to race. In this movie we saw how the director makes race the main focus as if to let us know that interracial relationships is as strong as an issue since the early 1900. We saw how the director shows no improvements between the two races, as if they haven’t been any. They do that purposely because if they want you to vote for McCain, they can’t show you improvements. That would signify change which Obama stand for, they can’t have that. I think we too grown for that BS. It’s not about race it’s always been about power & money. That is why most basketball players can be married to almost any white girl they wish. And most people wouldn’t think anything is wrong with it and they shouldn’t. I know black chicks will complain but hey! …who pays the tickets to go see the basketball games … it all relative …lol.


Ladies and gentlemen I’m here to tell you that the republicans have something to do with this movie coming out before the Election Day. The only way republicans know how to win is through division. It is in their best interest to see blacks & whites divides so that they have the advantage of winning this election. We know that a great majority of whites wants Barack Obama as their president. It is partly why he's the nominee competing against McCain today. Therefore, if race was so much of an issue, I honestly don’t think Obama would have gotten that far. The movie brought up a good point and that is love is stronger than hate. However, it left something out and that is common interest is also a form of unity. Our common interest as citizen is to elect a commander in chief who’s going to fight for our interest instead of dividing us.


Under globalization, we shouldn’t vote for a president who wants to divides us but rather one who wants to unite us. We can’t compete with the rest of the world when we divided; we stand no chance succeeding that way. That is why we must elect someone who’s competent, willing and able to fight for our interest instead of choosing someone sorely base on pigmentation. If you’re voting McCain because you think he’s the right guy who’s going to fight for our interest than with all means vote for him. However, if it’s purely because he’s white your choice is in vain.




Please those of you who have not register or who think that you’re register when you not, please double check or register to vote. OneLove.



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No offense to anyone who might read this, but anyone who thinks people are different based on looks or who their parents are need to go back to kindergarden, and anyone who says otherwise can join em. -_-


- A

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There’s politics in everything Pablo. Wikipedia described politics as the process by which groups of people make decisions. The term is generally applied to behavior within civil governments, but politics has been observed in all human group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. The politic that is hidden in The Lakeview Terrace is directed to convey a subliminal message to its audience. That message is intended for white liberals & independents that doesn’t place color in their priority list as a reason not to vote for Barack Obama. Those people are usually the smartest Americans, they’re comparing agenda, policies, health care plans, economic plan for the country etc. It’s hard to full these folks; they don’t fall for the race card.


The moral of the story in this movie is that love conquers all. However, the subliminal message is intended to have us believed one, that interracial relationship is still a problem in most part of the country. Second, they’re still too many differences between blacks & whites to be accepted in this society as couple. Now, I ‘m no way saying that blacks & whites are not prejudice towards each other because in real life, we’re all prejudge people without knowing nothing about them. The different is that we don’t judge them sorely because of their race, to do that would be racial discrimination. The funny thing is that racial discrimination is only acceptable when it’s a complement. For example, to say that blacks are better athletes than whites is also racial discrimination. Since statistic have showed that to be true then it’s an acceptable thing to say. Likewise, to say that whites are more educated then blacks is also racial discrimination but it’s acceptable because statistic can show that to be true. And of cross they’re arguments that can show why that maybe but the facts remain as of now; they are more educated whites than blacks.


I’m totally off topic …like I said Pablo The Lakeview Terrace has some subliminal message in it that is dedicated to makes whites think twice about who they really wants to vote for. And yes politic is everywhere, selling a product for an unfair price through propaganda involve politic. You must know how to politic your consumers into buying that product.

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