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Future 168 IND cars?

Ricky Coolan

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Oh, then this question is no longer an issue. It was based on them believing that the (MTA) would continue to purchase 75 foot cars which won't happen as there are too many issues with that length. The swinging ends of the cars, the weight, the lack of additional doors and with the inevitable transition to open gangway cars (based on my educational guess that the test won't fail as there are no reasons that it should.) would make the length impractical.


We know the R211s will be 60 foot cars so that 168 extra car number is no longer relevant. We do not know if there will be options in the R211 order though. I believe we may find that out closer to 2018-19 when the cars are set to begin delivery. Provided nothing goes wrong, of course.

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The MTA Board Materials from last month do indicate that the R211 order could/will be continued in the next/future capital program(s) to expand the fleet. Of course, it'll be a while before we know more.  

Well the order would begin to be delivered during the end of the current 2015-19 program so if there were options to be exercised, then it's only natural.

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