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06 orions i training in BX???

Novabus 5000

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:confused::confused::confused:.......I don't understand what it is being used to train for. Amsterdam Depot already has Orion V's on their roster, so the drivers are familiar with those buses already. As a matter of fact, all new MTA bus operators are qualified with those buses, as after you finish qualification with the RTSs, you do about 10 minutes of driving with the Orion V buses also. That's enough time to qualify one on those buses, as a 40ft bus is a 40ft bus........


Other thing could be if it is a depot where qualification is now going to be Orion V buses instead of RTSs, then they could have the instructors brake valve placed under the first seat front door side. There was an Orion V at KB (400series) that had this valve, so I came to the conclusion that they will be using Orion Vs soon for 7-10 day qualification......

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