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Pablo M 201

A way to avoid paying 5 bucks for AirTrain Newark

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Well, the only place where you have to pay $5 for AirTrain is trying to get on from the RailLINK station or better known as the Newark Liberty International Ariport Train Station which connects with NJT and Amtrak trains. Oh, me and not taking NJT Rail to EWR and just take the 62 bus is because of I'm too cheap to pay AirTrain. :rolleyes:


I'll give the very easy way over.

1. Start from Newark Penn Station best. Take PATH or NJT to NWK Penn. Or a bus....

2. Take the 62 at bus lane 3A at NWK Penn Station. Fare to the airport is $1.35. Oh, and this route only uses Flxible Metro-Ds. And all 62 from NWK Penn go to the airport

3. Get off at one of the Terminals, either Terminal A,B,or C.

4. Find your way to AirTrain and you can ride all you can want for free!

5. Once you want to leave, go back to one of the Terminals, and then for Terminal A, find the Bus courtyard and for B and C, there are bus lanes outside. The 62 does not go into the bus courtyards at Terminal B and C. And look for destination signs very carefully, make sure the bus says and is going to Newark Penn Station. Fare is $1.35.

6. Once at NWK Penn, find your way home from there, you got NJT and PATH there so you should be all good.


Just don't get off at the station to connect to NJT or Amtrak cause thats where you pay the $5 fare.


Oh, and becareful with taking pictures and videos cause PANYNJ doesn't allow that. Just try to sneak in a few shots or a lil video......

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I thought a few 107s from New York that go to the airport.

Yeah. North Area in particular. Far from AirTrain NWK territory. Probably have to take a shuttle to one of the terminals.

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