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BM5 via Woodhaven

Out With The Old & In With The New

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Let's just take some time to remember the old designations and/or services before July 5


QM4 via 3 Avenue


14981844882_b568330253_b.jpg1999 MCI 102-DLW3SS 2073 on the QM4 at Woodhaven Blvd/ Queens Blvd by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr


QM24 via 3 Avenue


14437082079_691cd7dfa8_b.jpg2006 MCI D4500CL 3282 on the QM24 at Eliot Avenue and 82 Street by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr


15046217536_1031b1395d_b.jpg2006 MCI D4500CL 3296 on the QM24 at 3 Avenue/ 44 Street by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr




27275740020_8bc4be07ef_b.jpg2015 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XD40 7304 on the B46 LIMITED at Broadway/Roebling Street by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr


And now here's one pic of one of the new designations and/or services 




28038184461_b72d84b939_b.jpg2006 MCI D4500CL 3288 on the QM34 at Eliot Avenue/80 Street by BM5 via Woodhaven, on Flickr


Sorry, no B46 Local or QM44 pics (I would have the B46 Local pics, but they're on my phone, and it's acting up, so....)

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