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Talking to T/O's for a College Assignment


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Hello everyone,


I hope everyone has been doing well, I know that I haven't been on the forums much lately. That is partly due to the nature of life itself, which has kept me extraordinarily busy. I am now a junior at Baruch, majoring in Public Affairs, however, I do not know what I am going to do with it after graduation. I am also considering filing for the T/O exam when it opens up in December, but that's a separate story. My interest in the subway system, however, remains as strong as ever, as may you tell below....


I am posting here because I have a question that I feel this forum may be best positioned to answer. I am about to start doing a Qualitative Study of a Community here in NYC for a class here at Baruch, and one community that I am interested in studying are... train operators. There are number of reasons why I am interested in studying T/O's, aside from my interest in the system. For one, I feel that their story is relatively unknown - we all, to an extent, know about firefighters and police officers and what not - but the general public by and large tend to be ignorant about T/O's. Most of them only tend to care about T/O's when the trains are delayed, but that's it. So, I want to get to know the life of a T/O, to get a deeper perspective about them as a whole, and to appreciate them. Hopefully, my paper will get others to appreciate them more as well.


To be able to do that, however, I am going to need to interview a T/O, as it is a required part of the assignment. While 1 should be ok, I would preferably like to interview 2 to 3 T/O's, so as to gain the widest perspective possible for my paper. Any help on how that would be achievable would be highly appreciated.  :)  Furthermore, if any T/O's here on NYCTF would be willing to be interviewed, please let me know by PM. It can be anonymous if you wish.


Thank you very much for all the help. I am posting this message on Reddit and SubChat, but again, I feel that this forum will be best prepared to answer. ^_^  Any tips/suggestions will be and are highly appreciated.



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