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School Suspension Part 2: (Pelham, Lexington, and Flushing)


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Being suspended from school I got the chance to take these!

Westchester Sq. East Tremont Avenue (6)<6>:





Elder Avenue (6)<6>:





125th Street (4)(5)(6)<6>:



Queensboro Plaza (7)<7>:







*Bonus* Hell Gate and Triboro



Some notes about today:

Elder Avenue is part of the setting for my book as my character is from there.


There were alot of <6> compared to (6).


An R142A came in with no LED or LCDs working at all!!!


One <7> had 10 cars insted of 11. Two five car units.









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Broke somebody's nose to get suspended?B)


Great pics man!


Thanks alot and noo this one chick was begging me for cigarette I didn't have so I got mad and i wanted to hit her on her back with my sleeve and she bent over (on purpose) and i hit her butt by accident so I got Sexual Harassment for some stupid ugly chick I don't even like.

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Nice pics man.Its kind of sucks for you to be suspended for something that you didnt do. But at least you dont have to go to school for a couple of days, and you can chill in your house.

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Lol Clear pics i go to school at weschester sq i know that kid with the orange Sneakers . i may saw u what school do you go to?


A little bit of an embarrassment...I don't go to school in New York but my dad's office is near there on Willamsbridge.

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Thank for the Comments Pablo and RokuSix:


To RokuSix:

The best photo ops and angles are at Westchester Sq., Elder, Whitlock, and my personal favorite from the Cross Bronx stuck in heavy ass traffic as far back as Pelham Bay Park, you can see a parked (6) Train terminating at Parkchester. Traffic can be soo bad I can get a few clear shots of the train and station.

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