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The combined NYC Subway & Bus Map


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I've been developing a better transit map for NYC, one that shows everything that a MetroCard will allow you to transfer between for free.




The idea is to create on single mapping style to show all of NYC Transit (and MTA Bus) services together - Subway, Local Bus, Select Bus.


The result is the Bullet Map.  It's the first time that I know of when all these transit services are shown together one one map, in one scale and in one style.  


I've made the assumption that most bus riders are subway riders, but not necessarily vice versa. To have subway riders cross over to the bus, being able to show the transit system on one map throughout (not chopped up boro by boro depending on  where you are) is important and necessary to help people plan trips across the city.


Is this map even needed for New Yorkers?  Is it a spaghetti monster mess of transit lines?


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