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New Information and Renderings for the Enhanced Station Initiative

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In the various board meetings today, was some new information and new renderings for the 31 station Enhanced Station Initiative, the 31 station renovation plan unveiled by Governor Cuomo earlier this year.


Prospect Av, 53rd Street and Bay Ridge Av constitute "Package 1".


Screenshots are below:



30984400425_96ea3cf427_b.jpgNote the change of train, from R211 to R160, and the addition of an (R) line strip map to the "information center"



30984402575_9b7c02e8ea_b.jpgNote the addition of strip maps near the stairs...

30949099146_bd216627b5_b.jpgThis is an entirely new rendering for the Bay Ridge Avenue mezzanine



"53rd Street" and (R) are no longer backlit. I still feel that some sort of standalone green lamp is required somewhere and that a green strip on the top of the neighborhood map isn't enough.

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