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Major Subway Action (November 28th-December 2nd)

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Here is the major awesome subway action that has transpired from November 28th to December 2nd. There are 

some video(s) that has been re-uploaded from my old channel. But, nonetheless, enjoy.


Please enjoy and subscribe to my channel.


Due to weekend construction work, all (C) and Late night (A) Trains ran express in both directions between 145 St and Canal Streets. Local service along the 8th Avenue Line was provided by rerouted (D) Trains. Also featuring railfan window view of R32 (C) Express from Canal to 145 St (last stop).




Weekend construction work on the Manhattan Bridge/6 Ave Express Tracks has led to the (D) Trains being rerouted to the (A)/© Lines and operates local in both directions between West 4th & 145th Streets. Trains also terminated/originated at the 2 Ave (F) Train Station.



In anticipation of the 2016 “Holiday Special”, I'll be showing you the best of the vintage, nostalgia trains from Saturday June 25th, 2016. On July 4, 1976, the New York City Transit Museum opened its doors. In celebration of 40 years in service, the NYCTM commenced a Parade of Trains along the BMT Brighton Line with lots of horn and whistle action. Trains/Cars seen are the Train of Many Metals (TOMM), consisting of the R40 Slant, R42, and R38 pairs, the BMT AB Standards with the D-Type Triplex, the R9 (Arnines), and the BRT BU Gate Cars. This event also makes up for the BMT Centennial last year, for those who missed it.
This is an R160B Siemens where the MTA is testing side advertisment. Plus, a diamond rush hour signage. I had this video on the first day of the (W) Line restoration but I lost it, and then recorded the video. Only available at the Coney Island Yard.
Taken on 10/29/16. Due to weekend construction, all Coney Island bound (Q) Trains ran express from Prospect Park to Sheepshead Bay. Back in the day from 2001 (Post-9/11) to 2004, when the (B) & (D) were suspended, (Q) EXPRESS Trains ran the entire Brighton Line via Express between Prospect Park and Sheepshead Bay in both directions, while regular (Q) made all local stops. 

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