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MTA Maryland Route 15 extension

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Ive analyze alot of the MTA-MD routes and for some reason the #15 route comes to mind...historical documents acknowledged that the predecessor of this line used to go as far as Bel Air..a Baltimore outer suburb town about 40 km (nearly same distance as from Baltimore to Annapolis) ...nowadays this route is nomore and its remnants (which is today's #15) only go as far out to Perry Hall which distances 10 km from Bel Air mall..,the terminal ive would suggest for the MTA-MD 15


Also the #15 should be broken in two as the #20 was since the previous #20 went from Security Sq.Mall all the way to Dundalk via city centre. .,today the #20 terminates in city hall and the remnants of the remaining #20 was created as #26 which uses artics since the itinerary it passes is highly urbanized and many people use this service


So here's my proposal. ..why not have the #15 from Security Sq mall terminate at Penn Station and have a newly created #78 run from Camden Yards to Bel Air via the current #15 route east of Howard street. ..hence here it would benefit users from east od Perry Hall but heres the catch...the route to bel air is hourly and every 30 minutes tp the current eastern terminus of the #15 i think it is called overlea (off peak buses are bihourly to bel air)

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