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Ashland not on board with one option for high-speed railway

Brighton Express

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Pretty old, but living in Virginia, I've been following this for quite some time. I can understand heritage, but sometimes, change is for the better. I've ridden that two hour ride in the diesel P32s, and I can tell you, that some high speed rail would do Virginia well.


As a matter of fact, it would do the entire South, maybe even country well. The Europeans have systems that put us to shame. We are still running cars from the 1980s. Feel free to share thoughts.



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I agree I believe the perfect place to start a HSR is down south to Florida, where during the summer/winter there is huge demands for the beaches and Disneyland. 


Exactly! Imagine the traffic you'd generate over holidays like spring break, which is a huge time of year for Southern schools. I'm sure a good amount of them would be willing to spend that extra buck on a high speed train ticket, and I know a lot of them will take it over a most likely more expensive flight.


so, so are they. The original TGVs are still in use, and the UK hasn't gotten new locomotive hauled coaches in ages.


OK, so I may have meant to say Asian. But you get the point, no need to be messing around with me.


Even the TGVs put the P32s and F40s to shame, kinda sad to be honest, considering the cars were built around the same time as you claim.

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