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MAX bus fills in missing link

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Max bus fills in major missing link Between Greenfield and Brattleboro for a flat cheap fare of just 5 dollars


Thismissing. Link was a major problem but thanks to MAX bus Corp. This gap is history


Now to just adjust the two missing links in the. BOSWASH corridor


NNumber one is an extensionn of BAT route #12 from CobbsCorner. To Mansfield MBTA via Sharon and raise up thefare to $2.00 to ccooperate to distance calculation and possibly validate a bus transfer from BAT #12 to #14 (Which heads north to Ashmont MBTA Subway) at Mansfield connection to GATRA #40 to Norton and thus GATRA #18 toward . Attleboro and points south to Rhode Island


Number two is have a creations of an MTA-MD run from Either Overlea loop (and connect to MTA-MD routes #15,58) OR White Marsh Mall (and connect to MTA-MD #4,35) towards Bel Air centre and easy connection to Harford Transit buses as well as easy. Connection for H.T. #1 to Aberdeen and thus connection for H.T. #7 toward . Perryvile...this route canbe labeled either #83 or 87 (the latter in addition total of 8+7=15 for MTA-MD #15)

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