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Certainly not any time soon. I mean, look at the economy.

I seriously think the Second Avenue Line construction is an economic curse.

Joking, of course, but who knows.


No no you're right, it was about to built in 1929, Stock Market Crashed

Again in 1942, World War 2 happened.

Again in 1976 and even built a few sections!!!, City went broke from other projects (63rd Street Line, the Rockwell Truck Fiasco with the R44/46s and let's not forget the great graffiti epidemic.)

And Again in 1997, (Totally thrown out due to the focus on opening the southside of the Manhattan Bridge and finishing the 63rd Street Line.


Now in 2008, The stock market almost crashes again and NYC has there hands tied with the Culver Viaduct, South Ferry and the (7) Extension.

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Phase I will open in 2015-2017 if the proejct is not pushed aside. Sinceapril 2007 they have been relocating utilities between 91st and 95th Streets on 2nd Ave. That finished in mid-July and now they're working on building the launch box there. There's going to be utility relocatyion going on around 6X Streets as well, and maybe even 95th to 99th Streets evntually, for the 96th St. station. They're currently taking contracts for the four stations (including renovating 63rd).

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