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R46 (F) via West End

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It's been a while since I last posted photos here. Decided to break out the camera yesterday after long hiatus to get some photos / footage of this very interesting G.O.


Here's some R46 (F) Action along West End and 4th Avenue. 



1. R46 (F) Arriving at Atlantic - Barclays






R46 (F) at Union Square - Southbound Express



LISTEN FOR ANNOUNCEMENT - 36 Street, 4th Avenue Line, Southbound Express


West End Line Photos:


50 Street, Southbound



50 Street, Southbound



55 Street, Southbound



62 Street, Southbound



71 Street, Southbound



79 Street, Southbound


IMG_6976_zpsb33yw5hf.jpg18 Avenue, Southbound


IMG_6977_zpscsyfgxyy.jpg18th Avenue, Southbound, West End Line (Not Culver)


More Photos:


Two R160 (F) 's at 62 Street. Photo taken aboard Northbound Train



Atlantic - Barclays, Northbound



The G.O. in a Nutshell - Union Square, Northbound Express



Southbound (F) Express at Union Square



Atlantic - Barclays, Northbound. 

This was the second time I caught it (same day).


For those of you who did not know about this G.O.: 


(F) Trains were rerouted via the (Q) from Lexington Avenue / 63 Street to Atlantic Avenue (Broadway Expresss), then via the (D) (4th Avenue Express / West End Local) to Coney Island.


(D) Trains were rerouted via the (A) from 59 Street - Columbus Circle to Jay Street - MetroTech (8th Avenue Express), then via the (F) from Jay Street to Coney Island (Culver Local).


This G.O. will take place over the next two weekends, and on the upcoming 3-day President's Day Weekend. 




Hope you guys enjoyed the footage and pictures. A compilation video of footage taken yesterday will be uploaded on YouTube soon.


All Photos and videos were taken with a Canon SX150 IS Camera.

All Photos and Videos were taken on February 12, 2017.

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