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A Former New Yorker

How NJT Rail Should Run On Rush Hour

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I feel like some of the stations that don't have a lot of parking are being shortchanged on service (stations like Garfield on the Bergen County Line and Garwood on the Raritan Valley Line. Funny how the names sound similar but anyway lol). I would say they should receive similar levels of service as their neighboring stations. Maybe have a few rush hour trains bypass them, but that's about it.


I also notice on weekends, there last inbound Gladstone shuttle has no connecting train to NY. That should be fixed either by adding a connecting train, or at least extending that train to Hoboken. Granted, it's better than nothing, but at the same time, it provides the opportunity to allow more late-night workers in towns like Summit to get back to Newark and NYC. 


Infrastructure-wise, it probably requires more passing sidings (or ideally a second track the whole way) but the Atlantic City Line should see more service in general, and the Pascack Valley Line should see more reverse-peak service. Also, while we're on the topic of infrastructure, the Teterboro & Wesmont stations should allow people living west of those stations to access them (currently, for both of them, it requires a several mile detour on foot, which likely makes people either drive or just say screw it and take the bus). And Wesmont especially is considered to be near a smart-growth, TOD area so I would think that would definitely have access from both sides.


There's a few trains that start/end at Mount Olive instead of Hackettstown. Those should be extended to Hackettstown.

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