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Apology for putting my mind in Wrong Thread


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Guys, I am really sorry, but my chest hurts like hell if I saw any threads, containing my conversation like about bus proposal, is locked. But that is my huge mistake I learned from.

I should've talk about my previous topic and was partly about life with the Republicans in this lounge. In my whole life, I always like to feel interest; share what's exciting me and want you to sense it. Why I would make you angry and made you think my posts are garbages and nearly ban me from the forum? If I did so, I am very sorry.

Since I rode your subways and buses a lot, first of all, your forum interests me to show off my proposals for the transits.

Once again, I promise when I talk about other than transits, I will chat in this lounge.

Bottom line, I am creating this good place to continue chatting about being a Republican citizen.



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Yo whose man's is dis?



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I am Mr. Chen. I came here to apologise for spamming about political into Bus forum.

Currently, the Republican president is Donald Trump. He just won the 2016 Presidential election. So I came here also to discuss about solving traffic problems, causing the bus service delays, and I solved it to every one.

But then, I almost being kicked out of forum for posting those in their MTA Bus thread.


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