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Advice for Rookie B/O Employee...


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Well i picked grand ave


That's what's up man. Welcome to the MTA fam. Don't forget what Zerega thought even after u clear probation. Always remember that paddle especially on probation are suggestions not law.


At the end of each trip check your interior for lost property mainly bcuz it's a way to stretch your legs. Do not pull up and leave right out if your late it'll wear you down as the day goes on. Don't let these passengers dictate how you operate. Be safe and have a great career.


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Congrats and welcome to the family. You're going to have information overload for like the first 3 months. Take your time and ask lots of questions. You may not get your transfer to Jamaica (or Queens even) right away, so you'll be at Grand Ave for a while. When the summer and fall picks come up, make sure you pick work where you can get to the depot on time and have enough rest in between your shifts. How ever you decide to bank your AVA and OTO time is up to you but I suggest saving at least the first 2 AVAs. (Memorial Day and July 4th) This way if you want to take an extra day down the line, you can. (Or if you have an emergency and can't make it in (or you're just late to report), the union can try to cover it with an emergency AVA)


Also, take a look through this thread: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/49833-dob-new-hire-faq/

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