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New deliveries


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I finally had the real camera with me at work the other day and caught these in Fort Lee before going over the bridge.




















My first posts of pictures, hope this works.



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For some reason they're not working. If they're your first posts of pictures, did you try uploadignthem to an image hosting site (I.E. Flickr, Photobucket, Imageshack) and then using the IMG codes they give you, then paste those codes onto here?

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theyre dash-2's... meaning they r five car sets...

theyll prolly b working on the CI lines... or 2 ave x 2 work on da fiona?

They'll be Coney Island assigned....


Gotta remember Avenue X is just a storage yard. With R160s on the (F) for now, the trains will just be Coney Island assigned basically, but they'll keep them mainly over at Ave X and move them around when needed for maintenance.

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Guys (and gals) thanks for all the positive comments. My first posting of pictures and I'm pretty happy with the way they came out.


The pics were taken in Fort Lee at the approach to the GWB. The cars were just before the Lemoine Avenue overpass.


I'm pretty sure there was a fifth car, but it was hidden by the structure of the overpass.


They usually deliver the cars on Monday afternoon, then wait until dark to move them over the bridge.

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