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How to pass the written part of car inspector exam?


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I'm not taking it, however, from reading the bottom of the 4th page of this document, & depending on where you live, I would suggest getting some books out of your local library and working with those.


Lately, most of the exams that I've taken had some type of reading comprehension questions. Therefore, since the passbooks are useless, after doing some research via Queens Library, I found this book which I've used to help me prepare. Therefore, to save some $$, when it comes time to start preparing for the exam, I just request the book out of the library, use it, along with scrap paper, and return it shortly after the exam is over. What's nice about Queens Library is that you can not only take 50 (yes, fifty) items out at once, but you can take items out for three weeks at a time, and with two renewals, that's a total of 90 days!


Hope this helps.

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